What Is The 3D Smart Structures Building System?

3D Smart Structures
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Imagine a material designed to withstand even the fiercest of Mother Nature's attacks. A product you and your family can rely on for protection, warmth, and security. The product is called 3D panel (aka. TridiPanel®). It is a polystyrene core with reinforced steel mesh on the outside which you shoot 1.5 inches of concrete to each side for strength and thermal mass. 3D Smart Structures offers a full range of services including design and engineering for any type of project.

We Protect You From The Elements!

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3D Smart Structure projects featuring the TridiPanel Building System

Just A Few Reasons To Choose 3D Smart Structures

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The 3D panel building system is a superior building product that easily meets the challenges of fighting the high energy cost for operating your home or commercial building. With our cities growing, there is a need for a method of building that will be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient.