About 3D Smart Strucutures

In a world grown accustomed to evolutionary change, one remarkable building system is marking a truly revolutionary impact on global construction methods.


The product is called 3D panel (aka. TridiPanel®). It is a polystyrene core with reinforced steel mesh on the outside which you shoot 1.5 inches of concrete to each side for strength and thermal mass. One of the most intriguing aspects of the product is that it is an energy efficient material to use for the exterior walls of structures. The use of this product along with other efficient materials in the construction of homes and commercial buildings led us to buy the regional distributorship for 3D panel and start building homes using the "Green Concept".


The 3D panel building system is a superior building product that easily meets the challenges of fighting the high energy cost for operating your home or commercial building. With our cities growing, there is a need for a method of building that will be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. If we can decrease the amount of energy needed for daily living we could decrease the impact on our environment. Studies have shown that an increase of 5% thermal efficiency corresponds to a 15% reduction in CO2 in our atmosphere due to decrease energy consumption. At the very least, 3D panels will provide a means for families to have a home that is energy efficient and can save them money too.


3D Smart Structures offers a full range of services including design and engineering for any type of project. Don't hesitate to call 775.742.0360 with any questions you may have.