Kalmatron® By 3D Smart Strucutures

Kalmatron® KF-A

KALMATRON® KF-A is the first of the generation of chemically active admixtures to the cement containing mixes that increases cementiiotus value and volume of cement grain. Therefore, the lower quality cement has the higher the effectiveness of KF-A. That is why the results of applications are varying but always exceeding targeted one. 

It is proven that KF-A, mixed with concrete mixes for different applications with 5 to 10 Kg/m3 or 8.5 to 17 Lbs/cuyd, provides stable high cementitious effects on the different stages of the forming concrete structure.

CONCRETE MIX with KF-A needs 10% to 30% less water than the standard dosage required of the same concrete mix design. Nevertheless, workability is even better with lower slump. We will recommend reduction of water for every particular concrete mix or mortar mix upon request it could be determined on a job site in accordance with our instruction.

CONCRETE MIX with KF-A has no bleeding, 2 to 3 times less shrinkage and fits to mould without corrections with very low slump. Exothermic temperature is 25% to 50 % lower, which allows avoiding the curing stage for the most known applications.

CONCRETE STRUCTURE with KF-A has no visual defects such as opened pores, cracks, flakes, dusty excertions, and efflorescence.

KALMATRON® KF-A is the highly economical solution that provides transformation of conventional concrete mix to High Performance Concrete without increasing of targeted cost for industrial volume of application.

How It Works

KALMATRON® KF-A provides a four step chain reaction with cement grain:

  • Initial dissolution of cement grain by hydration.

  • Oxidation of metal-containing elements.

  • Colloidation of free molecules of water.

  • Stabilization of the gel of the cement rock.

These reactions allow to reduce dosage of water by 10% to 30% less than the standard recipes and with low slump to get excellent workability. Increase of concrete's matrix compaction by reduction of natural micro-cracks and hypertrophied volume of cement gel provides features of concrete durability.

Expected Results

  • Early strengthening at 3rd to 7th day.

  • Higher compressive strength at 25% to 50%.

  • Shrinkage is lower at 2 to 3 times. Just no cracks at all.

  • Exothermic heat is lower at 25% to 50%.

  • No flakes, cracks, efflorescence, opened pores, and slid areas.

  • Liquid impermeability is 100% beginning from 50 mm or 2" of concrete thick.

  • Increasing of freeze-thaw resistance up to 35%.

  • Yield of concrete batch is higher by 3% to 6%.

  • Highest resistance to chemical and climate corrossions.

  • Highest adhesion to the most known porous materials.

For more information, download the Kalmatron KF-A (.pdf) document.