TridiPanel & Specs

Structures built using the 3D panel system are stronger than other conventionally built structures. The finished structure becomes a cold joint monolithic concrete pour. This means that the concrete from the foundation of the house is bonded to the concrete of the walls creating a solid concrete connection, “a solid box.” Because the walls are made of concrete and foam, termites will not damage your structure. This is a huge problem for some parts of the country. The panel is also mold and water damage resistant due to the concrete construction so maintenance would potentially be cheaper.

The 3D panel building system is a superior building product that easily meets the challenges of fighting the high energy cost for operating your home or commercial building. With our cities growing, there is a need for a method of building that will be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
If we can decrease the amount of energy needed for daily living we could decrease the impact on our environment. Studies have shown that an increase of 5% thermal efficiency corresponds to a 15% reduction in CO2 in our atmosphere due to decrease energy consumption.
At the very least, 3D panels will provide a means for families to have a home that is energy efficient and can save them money too.


Easy to use
Provides versatility in design
Cost effective
Energy efficient
Earth Friendly


The shop-fabricated 3D panels consist of a three dimensional welded wire space frame utilizing a truss concept for stress transfer and stiffness. Each surface of the wire space frame has a 2 inch square welded mesh pattern of longitudinal and transverse wires of the same diameter (gauge 11, 12.5 or 14).

In dividually welded internal strut wires or diagonals extend through the panel core between each surface. These galvanized strut wires are welded continuously in the required spacing so they form, with the welded wire fabric, into a triangulated truss system which greatly increases the panel strength.

When welded in place, these strut wires pierce through a modified expanded polystyrene core placed between the two layers of welded wire fabric, maintain the required distance apart and provide the shear transfer between the panel surfaces.

The modified expanded polystyrene core (minimum density 0.9 pounds per cubic foot) is held 1/2″ or 3/4″ from each face of the wire frame to permit the wire to be embedded in an application of approximately 1″ – 2″ thick concrete mixture with 2,500 psi minimum.


A. Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, supervision and services necessary for the installation of the TridiPanel System in accordance with these specifications and applicable drawings. The 3D panels shall be manufactured only by TridiPanel System, and marketed only by TridiPanel System or their authorized representatives.

B. Fully coordinate the 3D panel building system with other structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural components of the building structure.